Create an Event

Now that you've created your WePay account you can set up your first event.

First, login to and click the + button near the top right corner of your dashboard and click Create Event

Next, if you're a Premium Club Organizer, you'll be asked to select your club. If you're a UTR Event Organizer, you'll be prompted to tell us a little bit about your location of play.

From here, you'll create your event!

You'll be led through 3 Steps to complete before you'll be able to Publish your event, making it viewable by anyone:

Step 1: Format
Step 2: Schedule
Step 3: Details

Pro Tip:  While completing these steps, you can always save your progress at any time by clicking Save Draft at the top right of the event creation page:After you've saved, you can come back and finalize your draft event whenever you're ready. Just a reminder -- If an event is saved as a draft, it's only viewable by club organizers!

Click here to move on to "Create an Event - Format"

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