How do I add a player to an event?

Looking to add players to your event? Here's how to use our new Add a Player feature! This can only be done one player at a time. 

Go to the top right of your event page and click on '+Add a player' (next to 'Export Players' or 'Message Players'):

You will then see a pop-up search box. Type in the player’s name you’d like to add to your tournament - (Please note player must have account and have activated their player profile. Also, this feature is only available for high schools.)

Select the player you want to add to your event.

Then choose the division to which to add the player. If the player is playing both singles and doubles, you only need to choose one division here. You can place them in the singles and doubles draw, once registered for the event. Next, click 'Add Player' and you're all set!

Congrats, you have added a player to your event!

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