Managing Your Waitlist

Waitlisting Registrants Want to ensure players don't miss out on registering for your event? Utilize the Waitlist feature. In the first step of creating your event, you can toggle the waitlist on or off:

Pro Tip: You can choose to end registration once the maximum number of players have registered or allow players to continue to register to form a waitlist.

Waitlist On: Toggle the waitlist on if you'd like your event to have a waitlist (Example: Maximum number of players is 16, once 16 players have registered, registration stays open). 

Waitlist Off: Toggle the waitlist off if you would like registration to end once the maximum number of registered players have been reached (Example: Maximum number of players is 16, once 16 players have registered, registration is closed).

Pro Tip: You can toggle the waitlist feature on and off as needed, even after publishing your event this can be edited. 

How do I know who is on my waitlist? From your event page, you can export your player list as a sortable spreadsheet that includes date/time a player registered to determine who is on your waitlist. To download your player list, click "Export Players":

Pro Tip: If you set the maximum registration to 16 and have 20 registered players, you can sort your exported players spreadsheet by date/time and see the last 4 players to register; they would be on the waitlist. 

How do I manage waitlisted players in my Draw? Once you know which players are on the waitlist using the Export Players feature, you can manage them in your Draws. After registration closes, click "Create Draws" on your event page:

Click the three grey dots next to the player who has not been placed in the Draw and click "Waitlist":

The player will then be moved to your waitlist:

If you'd like to remove the player from the waitlist, check the box next to the players name and click "Move", you will be able to choose which Draw to move the player into:

Let's get started creating your event.

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