Step 3: Create an Event

UTR’s tournament and event management system gives organizers the flexibility to create all kinds of engaging level-based events and play opportunities. 

In order to create event, you must create a club. 

To learn how to create a club, click here.

If you have created a club, great! In that case, please follow the following steps: 

Go to your club page from where you want to run your new event. 

Then, click "Create An Event" which is located at the top right of your club homepage!

When you begin creating an event, there will be 3 Steps you will need to complete before you are able to "Publish" your event to make it viewable by anyone!

Step 1: Format

Step 2: Schedule

Step 3: Details

You are able to save your progress at any time by clicking "Save as Draft" at the top of the event creation page. You can come back and finalize your draft event at any time. If an event is saved as a draft, it is only viewable by club organizers!

CLICK HERE to move on to Step 3a: Create an Event - Format

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