UTR Recommendations

UTR Recommends that Event Organizer use the level-based play model when running events. The Level-Based play model groups all play-game set as opposed to pro sets. Create broad registration divisions, similar to the example below. 

Once registration closes, you will then be able to group players from each division into draws based on the players UTR’s. It is best to keep the UTR range of the players as tight as possible in a draw. A difference of 1.0 or less within the same flight is optimal and is the UTR best practice for increasing the likelihood of having competitive matches that are beneficial to both players. It has also shown to increase player participation and retention, and results in a faster rate of player development. (Note draws outside of 1.5 UTR difference are NOT considered Level-Based). If there are players that register that you cannot place in level-based matches, we recommend simply refunding them their entry fee.

Other Level-Based draw formats include incomplete round robins of 5-7 players, 8 player compass draws, or a straight draw of 16 or more with first and second round backdraws.

To review the step-by-step guide to UTR Events, CLICK HERE

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