Step 5: Manage your Event

Once your event has been created, you are able to view the event homepage, mange and export your player list, message players, extend registration, or edit any of your event information. 

Withdrawing and Refunding Players

By going to your event page and clicking on the “Players” tab, you can view all the players registered for your event. Here, you are able to withdraw and/or refund players as needed. By clicking the three dots next to the players payment status, you will have the option to withdraw or refund entry fees. 

Once you click “Withdraw” you will then have the option to withdraw with or without refunding the player. Refunds include both the Tournament Director’s and UTR’s split, as well as the payment processing fees. Note that withdrawing a player will remove them from all the divisions they had registered for in the event (ex. singles and doubles). They can then re-register afterwards if they would like to only play in one division.  

Click here for more details on withdrawing and refunding players!

Download/Export Player List

From your event page, you are also able to export your player list. This list includes their contact information, UTR information, as well as any addition questions you asked upon player registration. To download this list, click “Export Players." You will also be able to use this list to view registration times if you need to add players to the waitlist. All information in this list can be sorted in any way.

Message Players

As an organizer, you have the ability to message all players in your event at once. This allows you to keep players updated with any tournament information they need to know. Message your players when there are major changes to the event, draws are posted, or to update players during the event! To message all players in the event at once, click “Message Players" on your event homepage!

Editing Event Details and Re-Opening Registration

If at any time you would like to edit any part of the event, you can do so by clicking "Edit Event" and selecting which step you would like to edit!

If you would like to re-open registration for a player to register, you can do so by changing the registration end date to a future date. Below are steps on how to do so!

1. Click the "Edit Event" button on the event page and select "Step 2: Schedule"

2. Edit the registration dates to open registration

3. Once all the players have registered, click the "Edit Event" button on the event page and select "Step 2: Schedule" and close the registration. 

Hint: If you would like to only open registration for specific players, add a PIN to your event to only allow those players to register.

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