How to Shop for a UTR Event

If you would like to play a UTR Event, first you will want to visit to search all event listings. There you will be able to narrow down your search by typing in a location or zip code in the search bar, as well as by UTR range, gender, and dates.

Once you have narrowed down your search, you can then begin to browse for events near you. When one catches your eye, click on the link to visit the events homepage. In the overview section, you will be able to read information the tournament director has posted about the event. Contact the tournament directly if you still have questions about the event. The organizers contact information is alway listed on the right of the event page.

 Below are some questions you may want to know before registering.

  • Is this a level-based tournament, or are competitors divided into categories based on age and/or gender?

  • If it is a level-based tournament, am I guaranteed matches with players with UTRs within 1-1.50 of my own? If that does not happen, will my entry fee be refunded, or do I risk being flighted with players with UTRs more than 1.50 above or below mine?

  • What is the target level of the tournament, in terms of UTR? Does the event specify exactly what level players should consider entering?

  • What is the entry fee?

  • When will match times be released?

  • What is the maximum size of the draw?

  • What is the scoring format (ad/no ad, standard six-game sets or eight-game pro sets, best two of three?)

  • ¬†Will there be officials? If so, how many?

  • Is coaching allowed? If so, when and how?

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