Managing Doubles in the Draw

Since doubles registration is completed as a team, most of your players will already be paired with a partner. However, if you ever need to create a new team, you will be able to do so!

To create a new doubles team, first select the two players you would like to pair together from the "Available" list. Once they are selected, scroll up to the action bar and click “Create Team.”

Hint: You may need to first add players to the "Available" list by selecting them from the "Players Not in Draw" and adding them into the draw (see below). 

At any time you are also able to split a team up by selecting the team and clicking “Split Team” in the action bar. Once the team is split, the players will then appear in the available list.

Lastly, if you would like to add a player not in the doubles draw, you can select them from the bottom list titled “Players Not in Draw” and click “Add to draw” in the black bar. Once the player(s) are then listed under the available list, you can then select the players you would like to pair up and click “create team”

Pro Tip:  Determining Which Player Registered and Paid for Doubles Teams

In doubles, when you've set registration to be completed as teams, rather than individually, you can check to see which partner registered and paid for the event by clicking the "Players" tab on your event page. Then, choose your doubles division from the dropdown (if there's more than one division).  You'll see the list of teams currently registered, and the player listed first (at the top of each team card) is the one who registered and paid for the team. For example, Luna and Roxy registered and paid for their teams here:

So, if you were to refund these two teams, Luna and Roxy would receive money back, because Ron and Cho didn't pay. 

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