Step 6e: Managing Doubles

Since doubles registration is completed as a team, most of your players will already be paired with a partner. However, if you ever need to create a new team, you will be able to do so!

To create a new doubles team, first select the two players you would like to pair together from the not placed list. Once they are selected, scroll up to the black bar and click “create team.”

 At any time you are also able to split a team up by selecting the team and clicking “split team” in the black bar. Once the team is split, the players will then appear in the available list.

 Lastly, if you would like to add a player not in the doubles draw, you can select them from the bottom list titled “not in draw” and click “add to draw” in the black bar. Once the player(s) are then listed under the available list, you can then select the players you would like to pair up and click “create team”

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