I used the old event management system - how is the new one different?

If you previously used our old platform and would like to transition our new platform we can get you started!  First, we want to let you know how the new system differs from the previous platform.  

Our new platform is:

  1. More simplified, feature-rich user interface
  2. Complete tournament director control with the ability to create unlimited tournaments and events
  3. Fully integrated with the UTR Powered by Oracle rating system (and MyUTR.com)
  4. New revenue share model - that allows you to keep up to 100% of the registration fees
  5. End to end payment processing via Chase/WePay (vs. PayPal) to provide a streamlined (and cheaper) payments experience for you and the players

Keep in mind the new system requires players and tournament directors to have accounts on MyUTR.com and requires players register themselves for events.  You can apply to gain access to the new platform here!

  • We look forward to getting you setup on our new platform!

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