How do I cancel my event?

If for any reason you need to cancel an event, no worries, just follow the few steps below!

First, you will want to contact all players who are currently registered for the event and let them know of the cancellation. To do so, download the "export players" list by clicking the three dot button on the top right of the event page. Once you have exported all player information, you can then copy and paste the players email addresses. 

After notifying players, you will also need to withdraw and refund all necessary players. To do so, click the three dot button by their name on the player list and choose "withdraw." You will then select to also refund the player.

The last thing you will need to do is unpublished your event. When the event is unpublished your event will no longer be searchable by players, so no one can register or inquire about the canceled event. To do so, click "edit > edit event" at the top of your event page.

Once the page loads back up, simply scroll to the bottom of the event page and click "Unpublish this Event" and click continue.

After you have unpublished your event, it has now been canceled.

For more information on events, click HERE.

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