Step 6d: Creating Draws - Match Play/Team Events

The Match Play format is great when you are wanting to enter in results from and event without necessarily a strict format. For events such as; camps & clinics, leagues, or team events, use the match play format to enter in results. Note the information below can also be done for doubles.

To create a match play, create a singular division for players to register.

Once registration has closed you're able to create your draws. To being creating the draws, scroll to the top of your event page and click the Edit > Create Draws button.

When the draw creation page opens, you'll see all the players who have registered under the division you created under the Not Placed tab on the left of the screen. You may need to click the arrow to expand the list to view the players. 

You want to first select how many matches you will be entering in results for. To do this, click edit at the top of the page by the draw name. If you do not know exactly how many matches you will be entering results for, no worries, you can always add additional match play divisions to add more results.

Once you update the size of the draw, you can then place player in lines that competed against one another. To add the players, click on the line in the match box you would like to add the player to, and type in and select their name.

After you have entered all the matchups, you can then set the date, time and location of the matches. You can do this all at once or by each individual match.

Once the times are entered, you can then choose to Publish the draws. Publishing draws makes them visible to anyone viewing the main event page. To Publish the draws, click the “Publish” button on the top right of the page. There you can select each draw you would like to Publish. If you ever want to unpublish the draw, simply uncheck the boxes. Please note that only the draws that are checked will be published. 

When draws have been published, you will then be taken to the event homepage. There you will scroll down and click on the “draws” tab to view the draws. Here you can filter through the published draws and print your draws.

Congrats, you've just created your Match Play event!

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