What's the Starting Rating?

After joining MyUTR and filling in your account information, you will be prompted to find your starting rating. The starting rating is simply a rough estimate of your play level based on a series of questions. The starting rating you selected is simply a rough estimate of your play level based on a set of questions when creating your UTR player profile. 

Hint: For information on creating or claiming your Player Profile Click Here!

Click Get Your Rating and go through each question as accurately as possible about your playing abilities.

After you’ve answered all the questions about your playing ability and experience, you will receive your starting rating. You can either click Continue if this rating looks correct or click Adjust to manually adjust your rating. 

Hint: This is super important, you will only be able to adjust your rating on this page once so make sure your starting rating looks correct to you before clicking Continue or confirming your adjusted rating. Don't worry your rating will automatically update to reflect your skill as soon as you begin competing in events. 

Congrats, you’ve set your starting rating! Your rating will automatically update and reflect your skills as soon as you begin competing matches. 

 Want more information on your starting rating, click here.

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