I'm a High School Coach. How do I Add/Remove a Player on My UTR School Roster?

Looking to add a player or remove a player on your roster? You must have an account at MyUTR.com before proceeding with the steps below if you don't have an account click here. You must also have access to your team. If you need to be given access please contact us by clicking here

Add Player To Roster

If you're looking to update your roster, please click green UTR icon on the top right to access the main menu. Then select which team you want to add or remove the player from the roster, "Admin - Men" or "Admin - Women"

Next, select the "Roster" tab at the top. Search for the name of the player you're trying to add to the roster in the blank field. Then click "Add Player", you'll then a pop up where you must select the graduation year.

Hint: Make sure to select a graduation year. If you select pre-freshman, graduate or nothing is selected, the player will not be visible on the roster.

Once you select the graduation year and click "Add", the player is then on your roster. 

Congrats, you've just updated your roster! 

Remove Player From Roster

To remove a player from the roster, please click the "..." icon on the right of the player's name while on the roster page. Click "Remove", the player will be removed from the roster.

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