How do I change the photo on a player profile?

If you would like to change a player profile photo, first make sure you have claimed the player profile you are trying to change (Click here for help claiming your player profile). Next, click the green tennis ball at the top right corner of the UTR page. Click 'Profile' on the side tab that appears in the drop-down main menu. 

Next, hover your cursor over the icon next to 'Edit Profile', then click the icon. You will then see a pop up prompting you to upload a photo from your computer documents.

Go ahead and select the photo you would like to use for your profile photo, you can resize it using the size slider. Center your photo to ensure it properly displays your image. Then click 'Save' to complete uploading the photo to the player profile. 

Awesome, you’ve successfully updated your profile photo! You will now see your profile photo uploaded as shown below.

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