Do High School Matches Count Toward Verified UTR?

UTR high school Verified event or scores posted with the post a score feature through Verified high school pages contribute toward players Verified UTR. To learn even more about UTR and Verified UTR, click here.

How to Apply to Run Verified Events

You must create your first event and when on page one, click the toggle as shown in the below photo. You will then be able to apply to run Verified events. Your application will be sent to our team to be approved. Click here to read the terms of becoming a Verified page. 

Congrats, you can now run Verified Events!

How to Post a Verified Score

Go to your team page and click the post a score button located near the create event button. The verified match button will be on automatically. If you don't want the match to be verified, make sure you turn the button off. Once you put the score and players names in, click post score. 

Congrats, this is now a verified match! 

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