How to Claim Your High School

Looking to claim your high school? 

Make sure you are logged into your correct UTR account and click here to start! If you don't have a UTR account click here to create a new account and then come back to this page and use the first link to claim your school. 

There are 3 steps to claim your school: 

1. You will first be prompted to choose the state your high school is in. 

2.  You will then see the shown photo below, this is where you search for your schools' name. 

3. Next, choose which team you would like to claim: boys, girls or mixed (not available for all states.)

4. Create events, manage your roster and Add Players! 

Congrats, you've now claimed your UTR High School page! 

Now that you have created your High School page, please watch our webinar for an introduction to the system: 

Sharing this with schools nearby? Use this Quick Guide to show them how!

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