How to Claim Your High School

Looking to claim your high school club? Exciting news, click here to start! 

There are 4 steps to claim your club: 

1. The first page you will see is shown below, this is where you search for your schools' name to claim your school. 

2. Next, choose which team you would like to claim: boys, girls or mixed. 

3. In order to complete your UTR High School Club, you need to sign into your current account or create a new account.

4. Once you have logged into your account you will then be able to invite other members to the club. In the photo below you can see where to click "+Invite Members" below the "Create an Event" green box. Or you can click the "Share" like above the "Create An Event" green box, which gives you a shareable link to send to your players. 

Tip: When sending link to players, the link sent will lead the player to, however, it won't automatically log in to the email account you sent the invite to. The player needs to make sure they are logged into the correct account, this can be checked by going to the main menu and clicking "Settings". 

Congrats, you've now claimed your UTR High School Club! 

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