Step 3a: Create an Event - Format

The first thing you will need to do when creating an event is selecting the format of the event you would like to run. It is important to note that if at any time you would like to change the event format, you can do so once you begin creating the draws! If you are unsure of what format you would like to run, no worries, just select "Mixed." Once you begin creating the draws, you will then be able to create the draw formats you would like to run! Click here to view a few draw formats you are able to run!

Once you have selected the type of event you are creating, you will want to decide whether or not you would like this to be a verified event. I order to run verified events, you must first have the Pro Club Subscription! If you decide to run a verified UTR event, you will need to follow the UTR Verified Club and Events Rules.

Now, you are ready to create your registration divisions. When setting up divisions for your event, it's best to keep the divisions broad. Once you are ready to create draws, you will be able to split up the registration division into as many draws as you want! Here are a few best practices: 


  • Create divisions like Adult/Juniors Singles
  • Doubles OR Men’s/Women’s Singles/Doubles Registration


  • Creating divisions based on UTR
  • Creating lots of divisions - these are different from draws

Following the best practices will allow you to easily divide up the divisions into draws/flights later if you would like to. 

Here are a few examples of a best practice registration division setup!

When creating a doubles division, players register as a team! This means the entry fee will be for the team as a whole, instead of each player. In the example below, the team fee for doubles registration is listed at $50 ($25 per player), but we still list $50 for the entry fee! Note that the max players for doubles is per player, not per team!

Hint: Players can be moved into additional draws once registration has closed!

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