Step 3c: Create an Event - Details

The last step to complete before finalizing your event is the details! This is where you are able to name your event, edit the location or your event, and provide any additional information you would like your potential participants to know about the event.

Below the event details, you will see the option to add and change the event organizer for that specific event. You are able to add anyone here that is an organizer on your club page and they will be shown on the event home page.

Hint: All organizers for the club will have access to all events within the club. We recommend selecting the main point or points of contact as the organizer of the specific event.

The last step to complete your event is to add any additional details to your event. Here, you have the option to have players who play in the event become members of your digital club, to hide or show registrants, add any questions for players to answer, or add a Password/PIN to the event registration.

Hide/Show Registrants: Hide the player list when you want to keep the registrants private. Some players may opt not to register if they don't see enough players they know or at their level. Show the player list when you have a strong registrant list to help "sell" your event.

Add Additional Questions: This feature gives organizers the opportunity to ask all registrants any question during the registration process. Some examples of questions could be what size t-shirt they wear or what lunch option they would like if you are providing shirts or lunch. The answers to these questions, along with the player contact information will be in the "export players" list on you event homepage.

Add a Password/PIN: Add a Password/PIN when you want you only allow certain players to register for the event, not the general public. This can be added and removed at any time and is a great feature to use when you are allowing a player to register late. 

Hint: We recommend posting how players can retrieve the password in your event details section. This allows you to have more control if someone finds your event that you did not initially give the password to. You can then choose to give the password to the player or not!

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