Pricing Structure for Verified UTR Events

The pricing structure for Verified UTR Events does vary from that of UTR Events.

For Verified UTR Events an additional fee of $10 will be added to the players registration fee if the player doesn't have a Power subscription.  

This fee is paid directly to UTR and is not included in the registration fee payout from WePay.  UTR will also take 10% of the registration fee for all of the players that have registered for the event that are not Power subscribers.  For Example, if the registration fee is $10, UTR will take $1 for each player that doesn't have a Power Subscription.  You'll notice the registration fee will appear above the banner photo on the event page and read as the registration fee - an additional $10, example: if the registration fee is $5 the amount above the banner photo will read $5 - $15 as seen in the photo below:

All players that currently have a Power subscription will not be charged the additional $10 fee for the Verified UTR Event and 100% of their registration fee will be included in the payout from WePay.

In addition, WePay does charge the registrants a processing fee that varies depending on the registration fee of the event.  This processing fee is also present in the UTR Event pricing structure and is paid directly to WePay and is not included in the registration fee payout from WePay.

Looking for more information as to the difference between Verified UTR Events and UTR Events? Click here.

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