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This article is relevant for high school coaches.

You can now post scores for high school players right from your high school page.

A few things to know before you get started:

  1. In order to post scores, both players must already be added to their high school roster and must have their UTR accounts setup. For instructions on how to add players to your roster, click here.
  2. Scores posted can count for UTR or Verified UTR. Verified rules must be observed when posting Verified scores. For more on the differences between UTR and Verified UTR, check out this short video.
  3. Post a Score is how you add dual match scores to Results will be listed as a high school match on the profile of each player, not with the team name. 

Great, let's get started!

Once logged in to your account that has the access to your team, click the icon on the top right of your screen to access the main menu and find your school under the Clubs and Teams area. This will lead you to your team page. Next, click 'Post a Score' which is located next to the 'Create Event' button. 

You'll now see the screen to post scores. Remember, players who have logged into their accounts at will appear here when you search for their name and they must be on a team roster. If you're trying to enter dual match scores and the opposing player isn't appearing, contact their coach and let them know. 

Add your scores here. Hint: If you enter the player in the box, use your mouse to select which player you want. If you click enter this will lead you to the players page should you want to confirm it is the same player. 

You can add doubles players, specify the match outcome, and select if the match counts for UTR or Verified UTR. You'll also add the date the match was played.

Once you post the score, it'll appear on the player profiles within a few minutes. Their UTR or Verified UTR will update within 24 hours.

Pro Tip: If you are entering doubles results, the two opponents have to be on the same team in order to add the results. 

Congrats, you have posted a score for your players! The opposing coach will receive an email to let them know a new score has been posted.

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