Complete Guide to UTR Events

This article will detail how tennis organizers can create and run UTR Events on the platform.

Now you have the flexibility to run UTR and Verified UTR Events from your own facility. UTR’s fully-integrated tournament and event management platform makes running recreational and competitive level-based events easy. Take registration and payment, create draws, post scores and manage your event from end-to-end. Anyone can create UTR Events for no up-front fee.

What's UTR?

UTR is a measure of player skill, today! It's the best way to ensure that your players have competitive, skill-building matches. Here's a short video to learn more about us. This is a brief overview of UTR Events - if you want to get more information, click here.

Lets get started!

Step 1: Log in with your account at and click the + button on your dashboard to reveal 'Create an Event'.

Step 2: Answer a short series of questions to get your Organizer Profile setup. This information is searchable at so players can find your events. You may be prompted to answer a few questions about yourself.

Step 3: Next, create your first event! Select the type of event you're creating. Here you can also learn about Verified UTR Events and choose whether you'd like your event to count for Verified UTR or UTR. (Note: Players with Power Subscriptions can register for Verified UTR Events with no additional fees. Players without Power Subscriptions will pay a $10 Verified Event fee to UTR upon registration.)

Becoming a Verified Organizer with UTR requires approval from UTR. Verified Events are heavily monitored for adherence to Verified Rules. A member of the UTR Team may reach out to you regarding your application.

Step 4: Create your registration divisions. Be flexible here - once players are registered, you can move them into any draw you like.


  • Special note: Events run between May 24 - September 2 are free for organizers.
  • UTR charges a) $0 for Power Subscriber registrants or b) 10% of entry fee for Free Subscriber registrants. (unless the club, team, or event qualifies for this fee to be waived)
  • UTR adds $10 to the entry fee per Division for Verified events, which is waived for Power Subscriber registrants. So if you charge a $50 entry fee, Power Subscribers will pay the $50 while Free Subscribers will pay $60.
  • All players will pay a standard pay processing charge if there is an entry fee.
  • Entry fees cannot be changed once the event has registrants.
  • Leave blank for free Divisions.
  • Entry fee must be at least $5 for each Division.

Step 5: Set your event and registration schedule.

Step 6: Title your event, add a clear an engaging description (including things like location details, prizes, and cancellation policy). Select the contact info you'd like players to have access to, add other organizers to your event, make it public or private, add questions, make it public or private - there's a lot of great options here to allow you to customize and simplify your event.

Step 7: Hit Publish to make your event live on Note that if you're running your first verified event, your event will be saved as a draft until your Verified application is approved.

Step 8: Now's a great time to customize your event page by adding a banner and any other details you might have missed. Also, a great time to set up your WePay account! WePay by Chase is UTRs official payments partner and how you'll get paid. Click your Organizer Profile link (found on your event page or through the tennis ball drop down on the right side of your screen).

Step 9: Click the more options button next to Create Event and select Event Payments Account

Step 10: Set up your account with WePay. WePay manages all fees, payments, and registration for UTR Events. WePay connects to your UTR account so that any revenue from your events moves to your WePay account and then your bank. If you're a club or tennis organization, make sure you get help from your CFO/Controller to help you fill out the information. If you don't complete your WePay information within the allotted time, any registration fees will be returned to the registrants. WePay is not required for free events.

Once you have WePay setup, make sure you save your login information and bookmark - that's where you'll manage your payments. For more information on WePay, check out our WePay FAQ.

Step 11: Share your event by clicking the Share button and post it on your social channels, share with your mailing list, etc. Players will be able to find your event at but sharing outside of the site is a great way to ensure plenty of participation.

That's it! If you want to dive deeper into event creation and draw formats, check out our in-depth documentation EMS guide here. If you have questions or need some help, you can contact our support team anytime.

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