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What is a Demo Event? A Demo Event is a space where Head Organizers can create a mock event in our system and gain insight and understanding to how our platform works. This can be helpful before creating your first event, if you want a refresher on our system tools or if you want to explore our event management system in general! 

To create a Demo Event, go to your Club Homepage, click on the three dots next to Post A Score and then click Create Demo Event:  

In the dropdown, you’ll now have the option to create a demo of a Tournament, Camp, Clinic or Match Play event. In Step 1 on your Demo Event, you can create and customize your Event Format and explore creating Divisions within our event management system:

Hint: For more info on Step 1: Event Formats, click here.

Once you’re done with Step 1, click Next to move onto Step 2. This area allows you to explore setting up the schedule of your event and registration:

Hint: For more info on Step 2: Setup The Schedule, click here.

After clicking Next on Step 2, you’ll be brought to Step 3. Here you can add all the details of your Demo Event and explore the options we provide like adding player questions or a registration password or pin:

Hint: For more info on Step 3: Create An Event-Details, click here.

Once you’ve set-up all details for your Demo Event, click Publish in the upper right hand corner and you’ll be brought to your Demo Event Page. This Demo Event Page looks and has the functionality of a real UTR Event. The only difference is you can’t add real players to your Demo Event. Instead, we have created the ability for you to add yourself as a player or use our Add Player feature and Add Demo Players to your event. Click Add Player to begin:

All Demo Players are Marvel characters (Example: Anthony Stark):

Once you’ve added Demo Players into your event, you can practice features like withdrawing/refunding players, creating draws, opening and closing registration and canceling events, this is your space to practice. 

Congrats on creating your Demo Event!

Looking for more info on our Event Management System, click below:

Event Management System

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