I'm trying to register my child for an event, but it's showing my other child's name or my own!

Pro Tip: Each account at MyUTR.com is tied to a single player profile and associated with a unique email address, so you can't manage multiple players using only one login.

If you're trying to register your child for an event and you're seeing your own name (or the name of another one of your children), it means you're logged into MyUTR.com with an account tied to your own (or your other child's) profile.


Scenario 1 - If you've already created an account for the child you'd like to register, please log out of MyUTR.com and log back in using the email address and password associated with that child.

Scenario 2 - If you haven't created a separate account for your child, please do so by following the steps outlined here: Creating an Account and Activating a Profile. Remember, make sure to enter your child's information, not yours when creating the new account. Once you've got an account and profile for your child, you can login to that account and register them for the event.

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