How do I change the displayed UTR shown on my profile?

What is the displayed UTR?
Great question! The displayed UTR is the number shown in the right corner of your player profile. Don't have a UTR account? Start by creating an account here! The displayed UTR can be one of four: Verified Singles UTR, Verified Doubles UTR, Singles UTR, and Doubles UTR (Click here for more information on UTR and Verified UTR).

If you would like to change the displayed UTR on a player profile, the first step is to make sure you have activated the player profile you are trying to change (Click here for information on activating your profile). Now, log in to your profile using your e-mail and password credentials. Once logged in, go to the tennis ball icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to access the 'Main Menu'. Click 'Profile' on the side tab that appears. You will then be sent to your player profile, as in the photo below. Next, click 'Edit Profile'.

Once you are on the 'Edit Profile' page, click the box under Which Rating to Show On Profile. This will give you a drop-down option, as shown in the below photo. Select which UTR number you would like to display on your public profile. Once you’ve selected which UTR number you’d like displayed, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page. 


Congrats, you will now see the displayed UTR on your player profile updated!

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