Market Your Event

TR offers a number of marketing tools that you can leverage to help spread the word, educate your members, and share highlights from your event. Take a look and see what works for you: 


  • Advertising Poster: Easily download and customize this flyer to market your event. You can print, email and share on social.  
  • Targeted Emails: Utilize UTR's geo-targeted Event Email Alerts and @UTRPoweredEvent social feed to help spread awareness for your event. Click here to fill out a quick form to get your event promoted. UTR asks for at least 2 weeks to promote before event registration closes. 
  • Order Banners & Swag: Visit the UTR Pro Shop to order banners, t-shirts, hats and more. Please allow 4 weeks for custom orders. 
  • Educate Your Players on UTR: Help get your players up to speed on UTR by sharing the What is UTR Powered by Oracle video and article. 
  • Share Your Event Link: Send players the direct link to your event homepage to have them register for the event.


  • UTR Real Stories: Did you have any fun or inspirational moments at your event? Unexpected matchups or an underdog story? A first-time win for a player? Submit a UTR Real Story from your event and you can be featured on UTR's blog, social platforms and email marketing. 

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